Advanced Training

Covid-19 Provisions: With the pandemic, The Archery Program wants everyone to be safe. Only the student handles his/her equipment. If it is necessary for the instructor to handle any part of the equipment during a lesson, it is cleaned afterward.

Since the range is an enclosed area, masks are required at all times for everyone in the range and social distancing is maintained during the lessons.

The indoor range at the Bull Run Shooting Center now has hospital-level air cleaners. They do not guarantee that everyone is absolutely safe, but goes a long way to keeping the range as clear of the virus as is reasonably possible. With the variants, removing the virus is going to become more and more important.

Individual Coaching – For those who are working for performance in competition, there is individual coaching on an ‘as needed’ basis. This allows you to receive coaching, then work on your own to incorporate them into your shooting. Continuing communication between you and the coach helps you keep on track.

The Training Team – The Training Team is a group of youth committed to personal excellence and top performance in competition. Entrance by invitation.