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For any serious competitor, coaching is a must. The Archery Program teaches both the physical and mental skills needed to build top performance in competition. For 30 years, Ruth Rowe, the Head Coach, competed for 30 years, representing the United States in numerous international competitions, including World Championships, Pan Am Games and the Olympic Games. With her knowledge of the National Training System (NTS) and her experience competing at the top levels, she can help aspiring archers develop the skills for high  performance.

She is presently a certified as Regional Coach, and is working for the Elite Coach certification under the National Coach.


  High-Performance Coaching

The Archery Program teaches the National Training System shooting technique exclusively. Archers wanting to learn this technique and work toward high-level performance can be coached by periodic but regular visits to The Archery Program, supplemented by regular coaching sessions over the internet. All sessions are scheduled in advance. Face-to-face coaching would be over several days. This gives the athlete a chance to learn new material, then work on his/her own to integrate it into the shooting with reinforcement in training sessions.

Ruth Rowe, the head coach, has a serious interest in developing young women for success in competition and performance at high levels.

On the local level, if the Head Coach sees potential and desire in a student in The Archery Program, he/she may be invited to join the Training Class for High Performance. Archers in this group are training beyond just shooting and are serious about achievement. Participation is by invitation only, and to maintain a position in the Training Class, athletes are evaluated on a regular basis for progress and achievement. Besides the weekly class, they train on their own and have a regimen to follow, and are required to compete in designated local, regional and national tournaments.