Frequently Asked Questions

When are Introductions scheduled?

They are routinely scheduled on weekends throughout the year.

Can I just come in for an Introduction?

No. They must be scheduled in advance so we know how many are coming and therefore, how many instructors to schedule.

Can adults/parents and children take the Introduction class together?

Absolutely. The General Introductions (the One-Time Introductions held on weekend mornings) are for anyone over 8. It is a mixed group of people. You can register for these by going to the Getting Started page and using the online registration system.

Do you do archery birthday parties?

We certainly do! And they are for people of any age, not just kids. The One-Time Introduction is adapted to this situation. In general, we do the archery, you bring the party. These are always held when the Shooting Center is closed to the public, so you have the range for just your group.

What else to you do?

Besides birthday parties, if you have a group that would like to do an Introduction together, it can be scheduled as a Private Introduction: Boy/Girl Scouts, co-workers, family members, etc. Like the birthday parties, these are held when the Shooting Center is otherwise closed to the public.

How do I get private instruction?

Contact The Archery Program. We are a small facility and cannot always handle all requests, but do have opening for private lessons at times.

When are your classes held?

The only true class we teach in a small class called the Short Course. and have private lessons for one or two people. This allows the people learning to have more focused attention from the instructor. The intent is to have students learn it correctly the first time and (hopefully) avoid developing incorrect habits in shooting that could take years to change.

How many are there in a class?

For the Short Course, there are 5. Private lessons are for one or two people.

Do you do programs at locations other than the Shooting Center?

No. First, a range must be set up safely, and there are few areas that would accommodate that. Second, most jurisdictions have restrictions on ‘anything which can fire a projectile into the air.’ Also, there is a lot of equipment with archery from what the person uses to the mats and stands the arrows hit. We cannot haul all of that to different locations.

How do I give an Introduction as a gift?

Email The Archery Program and request the link to the Gift Certificate registration system. From there, it’s all online. You don’t have to select a date if you don’t want to; the recipient can log onto the registration system and select a date using a special code. You will also receive a gift certificate in the mail which can be given as a Christmas present, birthday present or any other special occasion.

Do you teach how to shoot a crossbow?

No. Crossbows are more like guns in that they can be cocked and loaded. That makes them a safety hazard in the range, particularly since it is public and many people come in to shoot and don’t know a lot about archery in general or how to properly handle equipment. Compound, recurve, and traditional, but not crossbow.

Are there rentals at the Shooting Center?

No. Equipment is provided for the Introductions and for initial instructions, but there are no rentals.