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Covid-19 Impact: The Archery Program wants everyone to be safe during the pandemic. When things closed down in the early part of 2020, Introductions were discontinued because there were a maximum of 10 people with 2 groups of 5 sharing bows. That is impossible now, and Introductions have been restructured. See below.

Covid-19 Provisions: Any equipment provided by The Archery Program is used by only one person unless it is people who are living together. Only the student handles the equipment, and it is wiped down at the end of the session. If it is necessary for the instructor to handle any part of the equipment during a session, it is cleaned before the student handles it again. Hand sanitizer is available.

The indoor range at the Bull Run Shooting Center now has hospital-level air cleaners to remove Covid from the air. While they do not guarantee that everyone is absolutely safe, it goes a long way to keeping the range as clear of the virus as is reasonably possible. With the new variants, removing the virus is going to become more and more important.

For those who have never shot, the Try It One-Time Introduction allows you to either experience what target shooting is like, or to assess the interest of a child. There are two ways to initially experience archery – General Introductions and Private Introductions. For these, The Archery Program uses really light-weight equipment for these Introductions, which is important for learning and makes the experience more enjoyable. Equipment is provided for either.

General Introductions – With Covid, a group of unrelated people is limited to 3. A family living together possibly could be a few more. With either, there is basic instruction, then each person shoots while the instructor helps. So, for an hour, you can experience what shooting is like and what instruction is like.

Private Introductions – This would be for just your group, such as a family, Scouts, birthday parties (or any kind of party), a social group, or just some friends. Contact The Archery Program directly ( for information and scheduling. While parties are more relaxed, the general format of a Private Introduction is the same as the General Introduction. We do the archery, you bring what you want for the party.

Gift Certificates – These are available for Introductions. A special gift, something for a holiday, a birthday, a thank-you; all are possibilities.

General One-Time Introductions are regularly scheduled. The dates are listed on the registration form by month.

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