Try it First; See What It’s Like

Covid-19 Limitation: With the pandemic, The Archery Program is working to keep everyone safe. Introductions were 10 people with 2 shooting at a time, sharing bows. Obviously, that cannot work at this time. Also, they are held indoors, which is problematic with air circulation and all potentially spreading the virus. So for the time being, the General Introductions are discontinued. We will allow a 2-person Introduction which will be held outdoors where it is safer. Social distancing, masks, cleaning of surfaces and equipment and hand sanitizer will be maintained.

The following description of an Introduction is kept here so you can get an idea of what it is like. At some point, hopefully, we’ll safely get back to that!

There are a couple ways to initially experience archery through The Archery Program – General Introductions and Private Introductions. The Archery Program uses really light-weight equipment for these Introductions, which is critical for learning.

Original General Introductions – For those who have never shot, the Try It One-Time Introduction allows you to either experience what target shooting is like, or to assess the interest of a child. In a small group with 2 instructors, there is basic instruction, then each instructor works with one person as he/she shoots. So, for an hour, you and/or your child can experience what shooting is like and what instruction is like. Equipment is provided.

Gift Certificates for Introductions are available.

Original Private Introductions – For groups (Scouts, birthday parties, etc.) Private Introductions are possible. The format is the same, but it is just your group. Contact The Archery Program directly for information. While parties are more relaxed, the general format of a Private Introduction is the same as the General Introduction. We do the archery, you can bring what you want for the party.

General One-Time Introductions are regularly scheduled. The dates are listed on the registration form by month.

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