Try it First; See What It’s Like

There are a number of ways to initially experience archery through The Archery Program – General Introductions, Private Introductions and summer camps for kids. Equipment is provided for all. The Archery Program uses really light-weight equipment at the beginning, which is critical for learning properly.

General Introductions – For those who have never shot, the One-Time Introduction allows you to either experience what target shooting is like, or to assess the interest of a child. In a small group with 2 instructors, there is basic instruction, then each instructor works with one person as he/she shoots. So, for an hour and a half, you can experience of what shooting is like and what instruction is like. Equipment is provided.

Gift Certificates for Introductions are available.

Private Introductions – For groups (Scouts, birthday parties, etc.) Private Introductions are possible. Contact The Archery Program directly for information. While parties are more relaxed, the general format of a Private Introduction is the same as the General Introduction.

Summer Camps for Kids – Through the Fairfax County Parks and Recreation ParkTakes program, the Archery Program runs 3-day summer camps throughout the summer for kids 9-15. These camps teach basic technique, along with a short introduction to compound, and just having some fun. To view dates and register, use the following link.

Then select: Category of Activity – Camps
Place – Bull Run Park
General One-Time Introductions are regularly scheduled. The dates are listed on the registration form by month.

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